Monday, March 21, 2011

Firefox 4.0 Final Available for Download Now

The final release of Firefox 4 is available now, but only if you are prepared to FTP it.

However, the folks at Mozilla strongly discourage grabbing from their FTP servers, which aren't designed to handle the kind of traffic that a big release and lots of hungry Firefox fans adds to the mix. (Basically it's what they use to distribute the release to all their big asset servers.) In fact, they've specifically requested that we avoid linking to it in the past, so we're not doing so here.

There are lots of nice new features in Firefox 4 but notice that all of your existing add-ins will have to be upgraded and at the moment not all of them are available for the new browser.

The key features of the new version are that it runs under Windows XP (unlike IE9 which only runs under Windows 7 and Vista), it supports HTML5 and WebGL, it has a modified user interface, it uses hardware acceleration and it has a new JavaScript engine.

To get an early look at Firefox 4 simply download here :

Firefox 4.0 for Windows
Firefox 4.0 Indonesia Version
Firefox 4.0 for Linux (x86, x64)
Firefox 4.0 for Mac


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