Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Most Wanted Gadgets for Valentine Gifts

Of the many gadgets, there are always the most popular and highly coveted for Valentine gifts. Approximately, what is the most desirable gadgets?

A survey conducted Rakuten's Play.com in the UK, trying to figure out the most popular gadgets to give as a gift at Valentines Day. In this list, the iPad at the top.

Apple tablet defeating various types and brands of laptops, even the PlayStation 4 as a Valentine gift. Although chocolate is considered as the most popular Valetine gift, sweet and tasty food in fact is not even among the top five at all.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (12/02/2014), a survey of 1,000 adults in the UK, aimed to gauge their expectations ahead of the special day.

One in five adults aged 55 years and over expect given gifts iPad. Previously, the Christmas holiday season last year, the iPad also was chosen as a gift. More than three-quarters of children in England asked their iPad as a Christmas gift.

One of the 10 people, hoping they are willing to spend at least a couple of 100 pounds to buy gifts. Meanwhile, 43% seems more concerned with the meaning of Valentine gifts and wanting more 'frugal', ie, the price is not more than 10 pounds.

Source : detik.com

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