Thursday, July 20, 2017

100 Years Ago, Alexander Graham Bell Predicted Life in 2017

While still working on the telephone, Bell grew interested in designing a flying machine. For three decades he experimented with aeronautics, including designs (above) for building “tetrahedral kites,” which used triangular cells for stability. In December 1907—the year after the Wright brothers patented their plane—one of Bell’s kites flew with a human in it for the first time. Its passenger, Lt. Thomas Selfridge, became the first person to die in a plane crash when he tested the 1908 Wright Military Flyer the following year.

Alexander Graham Bell hated few things more than summertime in Washington, D.C. He usually escaped to his estate in Nova Scotia, but one year obligations forced him to stay in the humid capital. Sweltering in 100°F heat, he wondered why humans had figured out how to warm a house but not how to cool one—until now. Nearby, President Woodrow Wilson had installed an ice plant that lowered the temperature in the White House to 80 degrees. By the time Bell read about it in the newspaper, he had already outdone the president. The cold air pumping–contraption he’d devised had brought the temperature in his room that day down to a chilly 65 degrees “with a delicious feeling of freshness in the air.”

When 69-year-old Bell told this tale in a speech to the 1917 graduating class of McKinley Manual Training School, the students went wild with applause. The clapping became “so insistent,” a local paper reported, that he was forced from his seat to deliver a surprising encore. “Could postage stamps be used in transportation of persons?” Bell asked. He’d thought of charging a flat rate for public transport, but the cost of building additional roads was too high. Perhaps, he ventured, according to the paper, “the flying machine will be the solution.”

Bell’s speech—called “Prizes for the Inventor: Some of the Problems Awaiting Solution”—reflected on a century of progress and looked ahead with remarkable foresight. In it he marveled at the advances made in the past century: Gas lighting had evolved into electric bulbs, humans could “see our own hearts beat,” and automobiles replaced horse-drawn vehicles. He then went on to predict the commercial airplane, solar panels, and the need for renewable resources. Gilbert Grosvenor, Bell’s son-in-law and the editor of National Geographic magazine, asked for the text and published a revised version in the February issue. Now, one hundred years later, Bell’s predictions and warnings remain prescient.

Bell had been raised in an era when schools “made scholars rather than scientists,” he told the students at McKinley when he took the stage. But the past century had birthed extraordinary discoveries, from the telegraph to the photograph. “I, myself, am not so very old yet, but I can remember the days when there were no telephones,” said the inventor of the telephone to thunderous applause. As America’s entry into World War I loomed, he promised that “the man of science will be appreciated in the future as he never has been in the past.”

By his own measure Bell was at his intellectual peak. In the previous decade he’d worked on building the world’s fastest ship (it set the record in 1919), proposed renewable energy sources, and endlessly sketched flying machines (the device he described in an 1892 article resembled the helicopter invented 40 years later). The year after the Wright brothers received their patent, Bell’s kite lifted an associate to over 160 feet.

In 1915 he’d made the first coast-to-coast phone call; soon after, a man in Virginia spoke to a man on the Eiffel Tower in the first transatlantic transmission. Bell predicted a day when calls—and “any mechanical operation”—could be made without wires. He also foresaw the devices someday displacing their makers: “On every hand we see the substitution of machinery and artificial motive power for animal and man power.”

McKinley’s students were mesmerized. “He took the audience into his confidence and made them feel that he was unrolling to them the secrets of his scientific notebooks,” a newspaper reported.

Bell made daily additions to the legendary notebooks: sketches of inventions, musings, press clippings. At home in Nova Scotia, more than 30 men worked to make Bell’s ideas reality. Some were small comforts: a system of ropes to open and close the windows so he didn’t have to get out of bed while reading. Others were huge undertakings: Bell spent decades trying to breed sheep with more than two nipples.

In 1912 Bell had written in a notebook: “You can say that man has conquered the mystery of nature.” But just five years later at McKinley, he voiced concern about the abuse of nature. “We can take coal out of a mine, but we can never put it back. We can draw oil from subterranean reservoirs, but we can never refill them again,” he told the students. Given the world’s great consumption, he foresaw a day when the supplies would run dry.

While other scientists believed that dirty air would block the sun’s rays and cool down the planet, Bell was ahead of his time when he said he was “inclined to think we would have some sort of greenhouse effect.” As a solution, he proposed alcohol as an alternative fuel and sketched rooftop devices for collecting solar power from the sun.

“The most remarkable thing about Doctor Bell is that he is younger, in mind, than most men of half his age,” a friend of his was quoted as saying in 1921. The next year, and a few months after receiving his last patent, Bell died at age 75. During his funeral all 14,346,701 phones in America went silent for one minute in tribute to their inventor.

Source : Nina Strochlic/National Geeographic

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Emergency Phone Number Make OnePlus 5 Sudden Sudden

A number of OnePlus 5 users report their phones can not be used to call emergency phone numbers like 911 because the phone always dies suddenly.

This incident was reported by a number of users on the Reddit forum site, one with Nick Morrelli's account. He was aware of the gaffe as he tried to report a building fire in Seattle, United States, where his cell phone suddenly restarted automatically.

There is also another OnePlus 5 user who reported a similar incident, this time its location in the UK whose emergency number is 999. Although not many - or yet many - victims, a phone that can not call the emergency phone number is a big problem.

OnePlus said in a statement it would investigate the matter, and asked users with similar problems to report it to the Chinese company, as quoted by The Verge on Wednesday (7/19/2017).

"We have contacted the customer (who is experiencing this issue) and are investigating the issue and asked other users who are experiencing similar problems to contact us at," wrote OnePlus in a statement.

Friday, July 14, 2017

New renders leaks : This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (From Front)

While we wait for Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note8 (which may happen on August 23, according to the latest rumor on the matter), more and more stuff regarding the phone is leaking. Today we get three renders that are said to depict the upcoming phablet, though we're only treated to a view of its front.

While the bezels are black in all three renders, there are three different UI themes showcased. So these three Note8 units might actually have different hues - but, just as it did with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, it looks like Samsung is going to make the front black regardless of color version.

One rather famous Chinese leakster claims these images do in fact portray the Galaxy Note8 in all its glory, so make of that what you wish. We obviously can't guarantee that these renders are the real deal.

Compared to the S8+, the screen curves seem to be less pronounced, while the panel will surely be branded an Infinity Display this time around too. It's been rumored to be 6.3" in size, diagonally, which would make it marginally bigger than the one in the S8+.

Talking about specs, the Galaxy Note 8 features Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM, 6.3-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED Infinity Display, Dual 12MP cameras on the back etc. It is reported that the phone will be priced at 1000€ or 900+USD. What are your views on the design? Do let us know via the comments section.


KFC release limited edition smartphone, fried chicken lovers rejoice

KFC is identical as a famous fried chicken restaurant in the world. However, who would have thought if the fried chicken franchise was joined to release a smartphone?

However, KFC is not alone in the process of developing these devices. They work with Huawei to release a special smartphone commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening of KFC in China.

Therefore, this device is basically a Huawei product wrapped in KFC typical red color. The model used for this special edition is Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus.

Quoted from The Verge, Thursday (07/13/2017), this smartphone has a 5.5 inch screen equipped with Snapdragon 425, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of internal memory. This smartphone is powered by a 3.020mAh battery and a fingerprint scanner.

In addition to the characteristic red color, the rear of this smartphone is carved with the image of Colonel Sanders creator of KFC and number 1987 as the first year of KFC is in the country of bamboo curtain.

Not only that, this smartphone also comes with KFC built-in applications that have been filled balance of 10,000 K (special credit KFC) for purchases at KFC outlets. There is also a K-Music application that lets users select songs across all audio systems at 4,000 KFC branches throughout China.

"Both KFC and Huawei have been eyewitnesses to China's rise in the last 30 years, and both have embodied the spirit of this era," said Senior Vice President of Marketing of KFC China, Steven Li.

Given this smartphone is a limited edition, there are only 5,000 units released by Huawei through China's online retail, Tmall. The price of this device is 1.099 yuan.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bixby Comes in Samsung Middle-class Smartphone?

Samsung first launched Bixby for the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. But the latest news mentions that virtual assistant will also menyambangi middle series smartphone from Samsung.

The reason, as quoted from GSM Arena, Thursday (13/7/2017) Samsung has released Galaxy A7 is supplied Bixby for the South Korean market recently. For sales, the company works with one operator in the country nicknamed the Ginseng Country.

But considering this smartphone does not have a special button Bixby, this smartphone navigation is done through the screen. In addition, due to the update of this feature through the software, the Galaxy A7 specification is no different from the standard series.

The presence of Bixby in Galaxy A7, according to some, indirectly indicates Samsung will present a similar feature in the series of other medium-sized smartphone. Moreover, for this version of Galaxy A7 there are some Bixby capabilities are trimmed.

In addition to the lack of physical buttons, Bixby on Galaxy A7 does not support Bixby Voice. Therefore, there is a possibility Samsung will bring Bixby with more compact capabilities in the future.

Just for information, Samsung does have a plan to expand the use of Bixby on the device. Latest companies bury Bixby on the newly introduced smart speakers.

Previously Samsung also released Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned with Bixby. Just like in Galaxy A7 2017, not all Bixby functions can be used on the device.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hydrogen, World's First Holographic Phone

Apple was thought to be the first vendor to release holographic phones in the world. In fact, even other companies that mapped the history.

Is RED, a professional digital camera company that often used Hollywood filmmakers in gush film. They just announced a phone that has a hologram capability named Hydrogen.

RED claims this is the world's first holographic media device. In addition, its use does not require special glasses to see the hologram.

Hydrogen made with 5.7 inch size. The screen is capable of displaying 4-view holographic content (H4V), stereo 3D, 2D / 3D VR, AR and MR (mixed reality).

In addition to the screen, audio capabilities were maximized. Given a special algorithm, this phone can convert stereo sound to 5.1 Surround Sound.

Interestingly this phone is equipped with a number of accessories that are modular. In addition, Hydrogen can be connected with a number of RED devices, such as cameras, input control, and monitor the camera.

Android-based phones are present in two variants. First carrying the titanium materail and priced at USD 1,595 or approximately USD 21 million. While the aluminum version off with cheaper price, ie USD 1,195 or approximately USD 15.9 million.

RED will start marketing in the first quarter of next year. Well interested in having it?

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fake iPhone 8 clones are already coming out of China, aren't fooling anyone

Until now, Apple has not held a launch event or simply announce the presence of the iPhone 8. Surprisingly, the smartphone has already been sold in China.

As expected, the iPhone 8 turned out to be a counterfeit product. The device is not actually made by Apple.

Even so, the design of the iPhone 8 replica is actually quite good. The sales package includes the name "iPhone" printed using the San Francisco font, similar to the original. There is also a model number and description "Designed by Apple in California".

The fake iPhone 8 also comes with a double camera on the back. IPhone 8 is rumored to be present with such a camera configuration.

However, it does not mean that the Chinese fake product is able to mimic the overall detail Apple normally presents. When users are observant, the information presented in the sales package also has a difference in layout compared to the original iPhone sales package.

Once the packaging is opened, can be seen more clearly the fake iPhone 8 made in China.

Typically, Apple always includes a logo sticker in their purchased product packaging. But the sticker will not be found in this Chinese version.

When turned on, it will be seen that the fake iPhone 8 screen does not meet the front. At the top and bottom there is a black piece, making it much different than the leaked information about the iPhone 8 that had been circulating.

The operating system used also in the form of Android 6.0. The appearance has been modified in such a way that similar to the IOS operating system.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Samsung is making a smart speaker with Bixby

Samsung is working on a smart speaker powered by its new Bixby voice assistant, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The project is said to be codenamed Vega, but little more is known about the device; its features and specifications are apparently yet to be decided, much less a release date.

The Vega project’s development is reportedly being slowed by the progress of Bixby itself. Samsung had to launch the Galaxy S8 without support for English voice commands, despite marketing Bixby as a prominent feature of the phone and giving it a dedicated button. Voice support started to roll out in preview form last month, but there’s clearly still a long way to go.

The WSJ now says Samsung sees the full release of Bixby voice support as “unlikely before the second half of July.”

Whenever Samsung is able to get its Bixby speaker ready, it’ll be entering a rapidly growing market. Amazon’s Echo came out in 2014, Google Home was released last year, and the Apple HomePod is due to go on sale in December. Microsoft is also enabling a range of similar devices powered by Windows 10, while Asian companies like Alibaba and Line are preparing to launch their own products soon.

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